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I’m a highly skilled writer with 25+ years of experience in writing and editing for news organizations, DMOs and NGOs. I specialize in PR, working for the travel industry, in corporate blogging, and in content creation. Highly motivated and detail-oriented, I love crafting copy that informs and inspires.

When I started my own travel blog in January 2017, I changed my favorite hobby into a profession. Below, you’ll find a list of my partners of collaboration.

Besides blogging on my own website, I contribute as a travel expert to an online magazine for golden agers called

I’m a curious traveler and love to be outdoors, collecting moments and impressions. My Sony Alpha 7 II camera is my favorite and most important travel buddy.

As a German native, I’ve been traveling Europe since 2004. For three years, I lived in the USA as an expat. During that time I traveled extensive parts of North America. Now I live in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Customers of Beate Ziehres

  • Madsack Medien Ostniedersachsen
  • ZeitOrte / Tourismusregion Braunschweiger Land
  • Tourismusverband Nördliches Harzvorland
  • WMG Wolfsburg
  • Volkswagen AG
  • Landkreis Helmstedt
  • Braunschweiger Zeitungsverlag
  • Kirchenzeitung des Bistums Hildesheim
  • Evangelische Zeitung
  • Regjo Südostniedersachsen



I founded my travel blog Reiselust-Mag because I want to inspire my readers to explore the world. My website highlights destinations in Germany, Europe, North America including the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii, as well as in African countries. We also introduce hotels, spas and restaurants to our readers. By the way, Reiselust is the German word for wanderlust.

By writing about first-hand experiences, we provide useful information about destinations and special locations. Reiselust-Mag answers fequently asked questions and helps with practical advice.


We offer a platform tor promote your destination and services. We are able to spread the word about your brand or product to our audience. reaches more than 5.000 visitors each month (Statify) and counts monthly 89.500 Google Impressions (according to Google SC). The average position of Reiselust-Mag in Google search is 18.


I also offer:

  • Content creation (storytelling, pictures) to be spread on your own outlets
  • Corporate blogging
  • Corporate media production
  • Various options of collaboration and sponsored posts
  • Social media consulting
  • Joining press and blogger trips

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